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Exporting your Photographs

The question to ask yourself here is what are you going to do with the image file, where do you want to send your image files, and in which format (as a .jpg, .tiff, .png, .psd., raw enhanced, raw original)?

Export To:

Export1Where?  To an email, to a folder on a hard/flash drive, to a DVD/CD.

You make your choice in the Export To:  Drop Down Menus.  The Export to DNG and For Email (Hard Drive) menu choices give you some extra options.

In the example image I have added some “other” plug-ins to Lightroom, they are listed below the 3 standard Choices

You can find Export Plug-ins at the Adobe exchange (some are free some are Commercial), or just search the internet for Lightroom Export Plug-ins.


In the Preset Window you can choose default settings for:

  • Full Sized jpg’s,
  • for exporting as DNG files,
  • for email (Lightroom style) or
  • email but, also save images to a folder on a hard drive…
If you want to add a new setting, choose a preset, “single click” to highlight it, and click Add, name the new preset and click Create…
When you change the settings, right click on the newly created preset and choose “Update with current settings” 
as shown below… Be careful in filling out the values in a “box” if you press the return key the Export will immediately startup…
















See you in class…

There are other ways of “Exporting” your images.  You can make slideshows, books, Web Pages, and make prints.

You can also publish your images to other services






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